• There are male and female options.
  • You get realistic-quality images.
  • You can have conversations or start sexting, and it feels natural and not like talking with an emotionless robot.
  • You can create multiple avatars and have several chats with different people.
  • Uncensored images.


  • The free trial is minimal and doesn’t give you much of a taste of what the app can do
  • The voice messages could be improved.

About CandyAi


(User Rating 5/5)

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What is

Candy AI promises its users the ultimate AI girlfriend experience. The site is an AI generator where you can start talking about daily life or sexting with your AI companion. Their personality settings give you a completely different and tailored experience to suit your tastes. It’s a free service with a premium membership, but we’ll get into that later. Once you’ve got your girlfriend or boyfriend selected, you can chat in real time and get both your emotional and sexual needs met. Whenever you want, send a message, and the AI will send a message right back. After a bit of time, you can start sexting and receiving photos from your NSFW girlfriend. There’s a free version of the app, but it offers limited features, such as a message limit.


How do I make an AI Girlfriend with Candy AI?

When you get on the site, you’ll see a bunch of different AI avatars that you can start chatting with immediately. The site offers a mix of realistic and anime girls to choose from. Each woman has a little backstory, their age, and some very tempting photos. There’s no straight-up nudity on the front page that comes later, but there’s not a single avatar that isn’t sexy in their way. Just to give you an idea, Mei is a shy young woman from Japan working as a scientist. She’s 24 years old and has a gorgeous face… but I couldn’t draw my eyes away from her busty chest and all her exposed skin. A couple of personality traits are listed on her page, like being introverted and shy.

You should be able to find a good match, either in terms of personality and having similar hobbies or based on being sexy and a turn-on. There are about 30 premade avatars you can start chatting with and requesting photos. But where excels is giving you a custom AI girlfriend creator. After all, you’re not here to get with someone else’s girlfriend. Once you start creating your dream partner, you can generate an image based on a set of tags and customize their looks.

Once you’ve got that sorted, there are other parts you can tailor: personality, occupation, hobbies, and their relationship to you. So it doesn’t have to be a girlfriend. You can set your new avatar as a friend, a step-mom, or someone you’re sleeping with. Then, edit the essentials like body, age, and ethnicity. The conversations will feel different depending on all these different variations.

Some other AI girlfriend sites out there feel like no matter what options you pick, the chat feels precisely the same, and that eliminates the whole point of customizing and building your character. follows and pays attention to the options you’ve selected. So, if you have a shy character, she’ll stick with that personality. It adds to the immersion and realism of the whole chatbot experience. Having someone break character throws you off, but fortunately, this is a premium NSFW app.

Can I Make a Boyfriend With, too? can be used for gay experiences, too. So nothing stops you from creating a boyfriend whether you’re a girl interested in chatting with a guy or a guy. You can chat with several people at once if that’s your thing and switch between the different conversations. This adds a level of diversity and inclusivity to the app. A boyfriend is an excellent option if you want to do some experimenting in a shame-free area and explore some other fantasies. Usually, on sites like this, you don’t get access to guys, or else they’re constrained, with only a few customizations, but that’s not the case here.

Candy AI takes the sexting with AI to a different level.

This is a premium AI sexting app with no filters. If you’ve finished making your partner and can’t wait to start seeing them naked, sending you messages asking you to cover their big tits with cumshot after cumshot, dig in! The free trial version is limited when sending lots of messages or getting nudes, but you’ll want to try out this app. Having a digital girlfriend is a great way to start living out your fantasies. I found the app great for going along with roleplay – the girls are receptive to whatever you want to propose to them.

The sexting feels real and nothing like the early day AI sexting where it was just robotic, and they ignored what you were saying, feeling more like a rehearsed script than a dynamic conversation. You won’t need to jerk off alone when you’ve got a companion just waiting for you to give them the go-ahead to start sending you NSFW AI images. But if you aren’t in the mood to chat, you can go to your avatar and request up to 16 images at once based on a prompt.

This is another nice feature; giving you a prompt instead of having a tag system means you can get whatever type of photo you want. It has unlimited potential. Also, when you’re in the middle of an NSFW conversation, you don’t want to ruin the immersion by writing something like ‘you without any clothes on, sitting at a dinner table in a romantic setting with an ahegao face.’ There is no fun in that. Go to the image generator and make nudes whenever you want.

Have Realistic chats with your AI Girlfriend.

When it comes to chatting, you can get a lot more out of it than just sending and receiving messages. You can listen to the texts (if you make your own, there are several different voice options) and ask for images.

The algorithm they use means you can have very natural-feeling chats. You don’t need to use it for sexual purposes – first and foremost, to me, is a chatbot that gives you emotional bonding and is always ready for a chat. Plus, it’s excellent for nudes. She will remember your previous conversations, suitable for daily talks and sexting – whatever you liked last time, she’ll remember. You can quickly pick up earlier conversations, like talking with a natural person. She’ll learn more and more about you and your life, giving you support and 24/7 companionship whenever you want or need it. Pricing and Premium Benefits is reasonably priced – you can pay $12.99/mo, or the yearly plan is $69.99/mo.

By being a premium member you get a lot of bonuses, such as:

  • Unblurred images
  • 100 images generation/month for free
  • Unlimited texts and AI girlfriends
  • Access to voice messages
  • Faster response + generation times

You can still use online for free (when you make an account), but you’ve got a limit on how many messages you can send. You get blurry photos if you ask for nudes, and you only get one image generation. It’s a minimal free trial.

Is Safe?

There aren’t any viruses or malicious things hidden on the website. It’s important to know that there could be a leak of information, like with any online site. When you sign up, there’s discreet billing, so it’s safe to use without getting an apparent bill about paying for an AI sex chatbot/online girlfriend generator.

Conclusions: Is worth it?

It’s worth it if you’re looking for some companionship and want to make a realistic anime girl. It gives you a lot more than some image generators that offer no chat options. This one gives you both! If you’re after a alternative, DreamGF is currently the leader of realistic AI girlfriends but is the slightly more expensive option by two bucks. The conversations on Candy still feel authentic, and the quality of the images is high. It’s a shame you can’t try it out more with a free trial, and you’re just left with the minimal version. You need the premium version to get some nudes and more depth to the conversations through features like voice messages.

Visit: CandyAi
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