• There’s a mute button for silencing the moaning and dirty talk when you’re not alone.
  • You can share videos with your friends or on your social media page.
  • You can add a video to your collection.
  • You can download the FikFap “app” by adding it to your home screen. It’s so discreet that only those who know know what the logo leads to.
  • You can join a creator’s Live to see them in real-time action.


  • You cannot download videos.
  • You cannot comment on videos.

About FikFap


(User Rating 5/5)(User Rating 5/5)

Visit: FikFap

The first time we opened FikFap, we saw the top half of an exotic face rubbing her clit and fingering her gaping pussy. Then, she brings the camera to her face, and it turns out she’s a young Asian (18+) with pouty lips. The presentation was like TikTok, except that all the smut you won’t find there is abundant here.
FikFap, a free amateur porn site, is a replica of TikTok for the 18+ audience. It’s different from typical xxx sites because it’s purely DIY content. It’s the stuff of OnlyFans, private Snaps, and iPhone hookups.
For example, this girl used to hate anal and is now a complete anal slut, and you get to watch the best moments. Or, maybe what you like is an up close and personal loop of the worst combination – a tight pussy plus a colossal cock.
Whatever you like, you can heart so that the algorithm would bring more content like that to your for you page.

What is FikFap?

FikFap is a low-key porn website where you get to stream xxx videos based on an algorithm. It displays all these videos for free, and countless adult content creators make the site entertaining for us.
Videos between 30 seconds to 2 minutes are rampant here, with DIY reproductions of the hottest sex and teasing acts. You get to watch average people get railed, squirt, twerk, tease, and do everything you’d find on a conventional porn site.
Long videos are out, and swiping up repetitively is in. So, if you’re one of those people who prefer fast clips to prolonged videos, FikFap is for you.
It’s the hub for binging on racy clips all day. Swipe up until you and the algorithm are in sync, and you’ll hardly be able to take your eyes off your screen.

What Can You Do on FikFap?

FikFap is a free porn social media hub. You can swipe up a thousand times without watching a recycled video because millions of these naughty clips are around.

Live Stream.

Live cam is an excellent porn feature that no xxx content creator takes for granted. But for the viewers, it’s an opportunity to see the real deal while it goes down. The FikFap Live is located on another website called FikFapCams. FikFap automatically directs you there when you click on a creator’s ongoing Live.
There are all sorts of creators on the Live website. You can stream African sex stars, Latinas, Whites, and Asians. The Live actions include playing with sex toys, solo masturbating, fingering, fisting, anal sex, and pussy fucks, among others.

Watch Sex Videos.

Anal or pussy sex videos are everywhere on FikFap, and you can like, favorite, and share them the same way you’d react on TikTok or other social media pages. Unlike Pornhub, Bang Bros, and Brazzers, you can swipe up or down to stream OnlyFans-worthy content for free.

Follow Content Creators You Like.

That’s right. You can also follow xxx content creators if you want to see more of their clips. Like TikTok, there’s a For You Page, which is run by algorithms, and there’s a page for the creators you follow.

Create and Upload Content.

While it’s rare to find male DIY xxx creators, anyone can sign up and upload their porn videos. The process begins with becoming a partner. You can locate this option when you tap on your profile icon in the lower right corner of your screen.
As a partner, you can edit and delete videos, edit links, change your username, change your profile picture, and be in complete creative control of your content.

Create a Personal Porn Collection.

That’s right. Even without downloading videos or making nude videos of yourself, you can own a personal porn collection on FikFap. While you generally don’t need to sign up (although we recommend that you do), you can add videos that stand out to the personal collection at the bottom right of your screen.
The sex clips you like will be automatically added to this gallery in addition to the list of creators you follow. You’ll also find your watch history here.

Select Your Video Quality.

FikFap is committed to giving you DIY porn in the highest quality available. There are four options – auto, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. You can find these settings when you go to “Profile” and “Playback settings.”

Auto Stream.

Auto streaming is a feature that allows you to watch endless videos without touching your screen to swipe up. When you finish one clip, it immediately moves to the next one and can continue this cycle for hours.

Choose Your Sexual Preferences.

Customizing the kind of content you come across on FikFap is possible. There are videos for straight people, lesbians, gays, Trans, and others. You can select one or all of these categories or choose only the ones that turn you on. After updating your content preferences, FikFap will reload and present you with a new For You Page tailored to give you what you asked for.


So, we just spilled the tea on FikFap, one of the most gatekept adult social media sites. Now that you know about this unrestricted free access to DIY porn, how many people are you going to tell about it? Also, when would you be checking it out?

Visit: FikFap
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