• One of the more original ways to enjoy and watch porn.
  • The production and models are 10/10.
  • You can save the stories where you left off and continue them later.


  • The credit plan makes it cost more than traditional premium porn sites because you need to make multiple decisions every game.
  • The navigation of the site is confusing. A better filter would make it much clearer.

About LifeSelector


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

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Think about all the Porn you’ve ever watched for a second. There would be thousands of terabytes of smut and dirty footage. At least a year of watching girl after girl getting railed, and you’ve cum enough times to repopulate the earth or give the laundromat $1000s of dollars of patronage with your socks. But even with all that diversity, you’ve always been a viewer. POV, or maybe VR, is the closest you’ve come to interacting with your Porn. Life Selector makes you part of the Porn. No, you’re not going to be the one fucking the chicks, but you’re as good as. It’s a porn game site where you choose the action and get made to feel like you’re having sex.

There are around 3000 videos on Life Selector, making it one of the best porn game sites. You get daily updates with new videos featuring new porn stars, and the creativity that goes on and the production value make it one of the best ways to consume Porn and the most interactive. The only thing is you can’t keep using two hands to masturbate because you have to make decisions, but that’s a sacrifice I’m more than willing to make for a porn simulator like this one.

LifeSelector can be a new way to enjoy Porn.

Once you hover over a video, you get information like the labels and description. There’s a great menu featuring the chicks in all their nude glory amid sex acts where you’re the protagonist. There’s an option to like or favorite the videos. It’s a good feature because you get to choose which sex positions the pornstars are going to act out. Where the story goes, so if you find a video that got you hot and sweaty, all you need to do is go into your favorites folder, get it going again, and live out the fantasy differently.

Take Part in Interactive POV Videos

There are loads of different videos starring some famous pornstars. One thing I’ll note is the navigation is confusing. It’s an endless doom scroll of Porn (good), but the menu is split up (bad). S,o at the top,p you can filter by newest or top-rated, and on the sidebar, you can choose which categories to watch. It makes finding specific kinks more complex and some less-popular pornstars almost impossible to find.

There are options during the videos to skip straight to the sex, but you might as well watch any other porn video if you’re doing that. The fun is being part of the production and setting up the premise and plot so your choices feel more meaningful. Every couple of minutes, you get to choose what happens. The conversations can go two different ways, and, thankfully, it doesn’t have the sometimes unbearable acting from a porn video. The POV style is fantastic to avoid immersing yourself in the video, whether it’s at the beginning when you’re talking about your days with a porn-pornstar-made girlfriend looking down while you’re clapping cheer your KS with a supermodel.

A lot of the games have multiple scenes, and you can be taking part in threesomes with various girls or live out fantasies of having an affair, cheating on someone for their hotter friend,d and watching lesbian action take place in front of your eyes. It was great being a porn star for a day and giving it to all the girls I’ve fantasized about in this Porn simulator.

Free test is only a part of the game.e

The games are free, to a point. You can’t skip ahead to the sex or watch any explicit scenes without being a member. That means that you can watch about two clips in the free place because the action starts heating you fast after those first couple of minutes. Still, it gives you an excellent way to see the type of videos you can watch and later jerk off to. The number of pornstars who’ve made an appearance on Life Selector is impressive, and there are chicks like Lilly Bell, Danika Mori, Riley Reid, and Abella Danger. After years of watching her squirting and taking big cocks I decided to go for Danika to live out my fantasy. I got to fuck her in all the positions I could have dreamt of in a fantasy of coming across her working out her fit body. Perfection.


  • Hundreds of different porn stars
  • Interactive, creative, and POV porn games (they’re called games, but they’re more like scenes)
  • HD quality videos

Pricing Review

When you sign up, it tries to bundle you with an extra site for a higher cost, so keep an eye out for that if you are only here for porn games.

Making a selection of scenes around sex costs between 6 and 15 credits. There’s no monthly subscription plan; they’re all credit-based.

  • $9.95 for 105 credits
  • $14.95 for 210 credits
  • $19.95 for 525 credits
  • $39.95 for 1050 credits
  • $99.95 for 5250 credits


I loved this porn game. While most of the other games give you text options with a short snippet of Porn and some D-grade pornstars, Life Selector is a quality porn simulator game with excellent quality and A-grade pornstars. It made the immersion and excitement that much better. The price can be a downside if you watch many videos quickly, but the investment pays off. Passively watching Porn after playing this doesn’t feel like an option anymore. It’s a game changer once they make it easier to find suitable videos with better filters; give it a go and enjoy a fresh take on Porn.

Visit: LifeSelector
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