• The graphics of most games look excellent.
  • Much more interactive way to engage with porn.
  • There are so many games that you’re guaranteed to find one you like.
  • Navigation is great.


  • Some games are designed to make progress slow later on, so you’re almost obligated to buy gold. Fortunately, a lot don’t, and it’s a reflection of the games rather than Nutaku.
  • Nothing, unless I’m being unfairly picky; everything works and looks great.

About Nutaku


(User Rating 4/5)(User Rating 5/5)

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After so long in your mom’s basement, you’ve probably ended up in one of two options: unable to find a clean sock in all your laundry or a gamer. You might be both. So, if porn or games are your vices, this could be a dangerous article because Nutaku combines hentai, porn, and games. It’s a winning recipe, especially if you like jerking your meat to cartoons. It’s not like you’ll be jerking off to all of these games. Or maybe you will, but they give an extra spark of pleasure to games or make porn interactive, depending on how you see them.

Almost every porn game out there is a mix of hentai babes and some other categories. Nutaku gives some of the most popular styles of games for you to enjoy. Starting with the site itself, the layout and design are fantastic. They’ve got an overwhelming amount of games for you to play or jack off to while you play. It makes the games harder, considering you’ll only have one hand free, but that’s why they make most of them playable with just a finger or mouse. The tags are easy to navigate, and the games list as well. If you’re browsing for a specific type of game, like mobile porn games, or PC porn games, you’ll be able to find those within a minute of landing on the site.

Thousands of Online Fast Porn Games

The colors look great, and you immediately get some hentai titties thrust in your face. There was some foot fetish content in the banner. They know their audience well. There are several thousand games here for everyone. The site is primarily focused on hentai games. You get games for every budget: some you can play for free in your browser, some are paid, and microtransactions are spread throughout. If you want to pay, you get access to arguably better games, but with their vast library, you won’t go wrong with the free games.

If you’ve got a favorite game genre, you can find it on Nutaku. I encountered action adventures, fighting, clicker, dating sims, and RPGs. That’s just scratching the surface and got me wondering about how a puzzle game could be based on porn. I quickly found out that, yes, it’s a thing. One of the games had some missions you had to complete to unlock collectible cards and level up some sluts, each one unlocking more sex positions. Who knew card games could be sexy? When you start browsing, there are helpful tags for all the games, letting you know if they’re free or paid. There’s a healthy mix between the two – it never felt like a site trying to entice you to play by calling itself a free porn game site and only giving you a few options.

Quick, simple, and Hot Sex Games

I couldn’t go through the entire collection of games on Nutaku. I’ve got porn to watch for my job, and porn to watch in my spare time, and now porn to play. I looked at some free and paid games to see the difference, and both give you great options. The games are all different – some repeat developers like Kinkaid have their site with some RPG harem games. Nutaku feels a bit like a porn tube network but for games. Everything functioned well; no bugs were playing on mobile or desktop browsers. You’ve got some basic clicker games that are all the same across genres, but having the constant feed of pussies and hentai made it much more enjoyable than I was expecting it was going to be clicking. I’m a simple guy, I see tits, I click.

One of the top games was Booty Calls. The premise is that you’re a mermaid, and you get access to the human world after making a deal with a witch in return for bringing her fresh pussy juice. You’ve got to fuck a variety of chicks and date them, sending photos along the way and attracting them to obtain their juices. The pics you get are sexy – there are lots of different characters to chat with, some of them with kinks and fetishes like BDSM and a big, tidy goth girl, which is essential.


Nutaku Features:

  • Hundreds of hentai games
  • A mix of free and paid games, with a mix of the two
  • Compatible with smartphones, different app stores and browsers
  • Completely free to sign up
  • Every game has a porn aspect to it and hot images of hentai chicks


The site functions off Gold, which you can use for upgrades in certain games like more stamina, new characters, and even to purchase paid games.

Every dollar gets you 100 gold, and packages are between $5 and $200.

It’s completely optional, and you can play without spending a dime.



Some games are designed to make progress slow later on, so you’re almost obligated to buy Gold. Fortunately, many don’t, and it reflects the games rather than Nutaku.

Nothing, unless I’m being unfairly picky; everything works and looks great


You can join the site and join over 60 million players and over 650 hentai games. It’s wild that you can start playing all that for free, without any ads. It’s the go-to online porn game site based on both the content you get, the quality of the site, and not having a single ad across the whole thing. All that and new updates and great support. If you’re looking for some flash games, kill some time, explore some hentai bitches and fuck them, or combine your love of games and porn, Nutaku can’t go wrong.

Visit: Nutaku
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