• There are millions of free porn videos and images.
  • You receive free Promptchan AI gems when you sign up.
  • You can customize existing Promptchan AI nudes.
  • You can earn gems through tasks like sharing images on Promptchan Reddit, sharing and rating articles, or sharing links.
  • You can upload an image from your gallery and modify or clone it.


  • You must pay to use the best features.
  • The image quality is lower for free memberships.
  • The gems for image generation are not free.

About Promptchan Ai


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What is Promptchan AI Image Generator?

With a Promptchan AI account, you can create, clone, and modify pictures of the perfect sexual fantasy. By typing descriptive words into the prompt, you can make the image of your ideal AI girl come alive.
Alternatively, there are over 13 million pictures to explore with or without a membership. In this Promptchan AI review, you’ll find out about the unpaid and paid features, the pros and cons of signing up, and the experiences to expect from this website. Let’s get started!


Promptchan AI is the best generator for animated, cinematic, K-Pop, hyperrealistic, unrealistic, and anime images online. You can make a naked picture of any woman you describe doing anything and anywhere in the world.
It is the perfect platform for creating videos and pictures of the girls in your imagination or wildest fantasy. Promptchan AI is like a social media platform for adult content. You can upload, like, or be liked and gather ideas to make your perfect porn movie. You can also share, download, and clone videos and images on the site.


Promptchan AI Features

The features of the Promptchan free account and membership accounts differ.

Promptchan AI Free Account

Yes, Promptchan AI is free. When you open the website, you’ll find millions of adult content, images, or videos to feast your eyes upon. However, you must register before you can open the massive explicit library.
When you create an account, you immediately receive ten Promptchan ai free gems, which you can use to generate images and enjoy the exclusive perks on the website.
There are other ways to get these precious gems. You can buy more, earn by sharing your unique link with others, or carry out daily tasks on the platform.
While Promptchan ai is free, it costs one gem to generate an image. On the other hand, videos require fifteen gems, which you can acquire through a paid subscription or by directly buying them with a credit or debit card or cryptocurrency.

Without upgrading your membership, you can generate only ten images before you need to buy more gems. The perks of the free account include a prompt for the specifics of your dream adult film star, the style, and poses.
If you’re not creating content, then you can enjoy the free images and videos other creators have uploaded on the site.

Promptchan AI Paid Account

There are limitations to what you can do with a Promptchan free account. Luckily, the subscriptions are affordable.
With a paid membership, you’ll be eligible for free Promptchan ai gems every month, priority access, no ads, undress, privacy, priority treatment, and HD quality downloads, depending on your plan.
Paying for an account will help you access benefits like better customizable characteristics. For instance, you’ll only have the cinematic and anime styles when using the free version, but the paid one offers hyperanime, art, and K-Pop.
In the “Poses” section, only twenty-one options are available to free users. Advanced modifications like the image sizing, quality, and number of grids aren’t accessible unless you subscribe.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Promptchan AI

While our reviewers have a lot of nice things to say about Promptchan AI, there are some downsides they didn’t like.
Our review would be incomplete without discussing the pros and cons; you can check them at the top of this review.

Promptchan AI Pricing

There are three pricing plans – Plus, Premium, and Pro.


Here, you receive 300 gems every month. That means you can create three hundred images or twenty videos monthly. This plan grants you access to advanced features, fast generation speeds, no ads, and an option to save your image or video to your particular folder.


If you choose the Premium plan, you’ll get 800 gems monthly, priority access, advanced features, and an option to save your art to your profile.


Finally, the pro plan offers 1,500 gems monthly, access to all the exclusive and advanced features, no ads, the best quality images and videos, and the fastest generation and download speeds.

Website Functionality and Interface

While there is no Promptchan AI mod apk, the website is highly functional and impressive. There is a filter, search, prompt, and negative prompt bar (to tell the system features you don’t want to see), random word generators, and several poses for the models.
The home page quickly loads millions of videos and images worth exploring if you don’t want to make porn stars from scratch. Promptchan AI website lets you get super specific when customizing the images and videos on your screen. With so many options at your fingertips, it’s impossible to experience boredom here.
Additionally, there are Promptchan tips for creating your ideal model, which you can learn about by watching the video instructions on the site.


Whether you’re using a Promptchan free account or the paid version, this is the best place to be on the internet if you want never-ending adult content.
Every girl, boy, or transgender person you imagine can appear on your screen when you tweak the right buttons and tabs. If this sounds good, head to Promptchan AI and dive into the extensive library during your next Funtime!

Visit: Promptchan Ai
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