• There are many features to help you create the perfect girl.
  • Seduced AI offers an opportunity to grow a following on Instagram through the AI influencer feature.
  • There are girls you can model your generations after.
  • There’s an opportunity to create short videos of your desired adult star.
  • Seduced AI offers affordable subscription plans.


  • The website interface needs more work.
  • The free version is very limiting.
  • It is more of a generative tool than a porn library. Compared to other platforms we’ve reviewed, the collection of naked adult stars is limited.

About Seduced Ai


(User Rating 5/5)

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Seduced AI makes describing the woman of your dreams and watching her come alive on your screen easy. Thanks to machine learning algorithms, you can use tags, prompts, and descriptive words to generate any image imaginable.

This AI image generator has many exciting features that are worth exploring. It’s a relatively new generative platform for NSFW content, and our review helps you decide if it’s the right fit.

What is Seduced.AI?

The Seduced AI generator is a technology that allows you, whether tech-savvy or not, to create images of the girls you dream about. If you’re constantly fantasizing about women you’ve never seen before or are too hot to exist, then Seduced AI can help you make them.

There are many prompts and features to customize her appearance, shape, body characteristics, and peculiarities. You can generate images and videos featuring one woman, a woman,n and a man, or multiple characters.

By typing the proper descriptive words, these models can do anything you ask of them, excluding underage sex, rape or non-consensual acts, and extreme beating. In other words, your creations can do anything that’s not overly immoral.

Create from your phone or desktop while in your bedroom, in transit, or even in the bathroom at your workplace.

The Seduced AI Free NSFW Library

You need to register an account to view the NSFW library. This part of the platform depicts the creativity of other users. It contains women of all shapes, sizes, and colors performing different acts in various enticing positions. They can inspire your creativity or help you soothe your sexual aches.

However, you can only explore a limited number of images for a limited time before the “subscribe” prompt pops up. If you decline, you’ll lose access to the rest of the available pictures.

The best part of the NSFW library is restricted and reserved for members alone.

The Seduced AI Free Generation Tools

There are no free AI generation tools. While browsing the home page, you’ll discover the features accessible for creating the ideal girl, but you cannot use them without buying credits, at the very least.

You need 0.90 credits to generate an image. So, getting a membership plan to use any generation tool would be best.

However, the plans are affordable, with different payment methods, including cryptocurrency.

Seduced.AI Subscription Plans

There are three membership plans.


The pro plan is the cheapest offer available. It provides 300 credits monthly, which you can use to generate 300 images. Among the perks of this membership are 30 credit refills, better image quality for downloads, undress, bimbofy, enhance, add cum, expand and remove objects, and generate videos.

You’ll also gain unrestricted access to the NSFW library.


The Platinum plan offers up to 750 credits for 750 images.

Provided the system makes mistakes with your AI girls because you used the wrong prompt, you can request 75 refills.

Then, your generation speed is faster than that of the pro user, in addition to having priority access and downloads. The image quality is also excellent, and you’ll enjoy the other privileges the pro members have access to.


The Diamond subscription plan is the best because you receive 3,000 credits or 3,000 images per month. There are unlimited refills, and the image quality is better than the other plans.

Additionally, you have priority access, more extensions, and more images in the queue. Bimbofy, enhance, face swap, add cum, and undress are the other features you have an unrestricted entitlement to.

The Most Interesting Features of Seduced AI

Some of these exciting features are free, while most are only accessible when you subscribe. They include:

  • Girls – These are the already existing sexy AI models on the platform. They’re there to give you inspiration for your ideas.
  • AI Models – The AI models are the images that your creations will look like. There are many options based on your preferences and fantasies. They include:
    • Surreal
    • Photoreal
    • Amateur
    • Enchant
    • Anime 2D
    • Anime 3D
    • Hentai 2D
    • Hentai 3D
    • Anime World
    • Semi Realistic
    • Asian
    • Homoerotic
  • AI Influencers – Rampant on the internet today, especially on Instagram. They’re chicks created from scratch with a computer and descriptive words, and you can also generate yours with the Seduced AI generator.
  • Videos – has a section for generating video sequences. They’re called sequences because they’re no longer than 2 seconds, but you can program your media to do practically anything by instructing the prompt about your desires and fetishes.

How to Make Seduced AI Art

There’s a specific way to create AI models with this AI platform; you don’t need to get into specifics when creating a model from scratch. Being too specific with your descriptive words could result in another image entirely.

For instance, if you instruct the prompt to create an image of a beautiful girl with “long legs,” your result could be an additional leg or pair of legs. This is because it is already expected for sexy women to have long legs, and so the system automatically gives your girl long legs while making her image. The best way to create what you want is to provide specific and straightforward instructions to the image generator.

It’s also best to avoid using too many parentheses. If you do, your image quality could come out lower than what it should typically be.


Before the advent of Seduced AI, it was challenging to create realistic images and videos without actors or severe tech skills. But thanks to this AI platform, you’re free to explore the depths of your sexual imagination without needing real-life actors, movie equipment, or artistic skills.

Visit: Seduced Ai
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