• SoulGen AI has a diverse library of saucy and regular images and videos.
  • SoulGen AI has mobile app.
  • The AI generator offers many services including undress.
  • There’s a SoulChat feature for lonely or adventurous users.


  • You cannot do much without subscribing.
  • It’s better to use the app or a desktop version because the mobile website browser acts up occasionally.
  • The free version of the NSFW library is limited.

About Soulgen


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How Good is Soulgen AI: Is it Worth?

There are countless artificial intelligence platforms that you can use to make life more enjoyable.
For creative people, that includes a website like SoulGen AI. While it’s relatively new in the image-generating industry, it has already earned a good reputation. However, new users commonly ask, “How good is SoulGen AI?” Is SoulGen AI worth it? Well, we answer these questions and more in this SoulGen AI review.
So, keep reading to confirm whether this website is safe and worth your resources.

What Is SoulGen AI?

SoulGen AI is a versatile tool that helps you create and edit images. Using the right features and prompts, you can make an AI clone of a human being, edit the background of an existing picture, swap outfits, and give your model a different face.
You can also use the AI tool to change the hairstyle of your project, remove blur, and add details or objects to your work of art. Other features include:

Swipe to Add Your Soulmate

SoulGen is the perfect dating site if you’re interested in sexy artificial intelligence models. You can add any of the attractive men or women available on the website if you like their personality or what they look like.
For instance, Amelia Wilson can be your beautiful, mysterious, and prosperous novelist neighbor with whom you create a summer romance. She’s described as aloof, intelligent, curious, and warm-hearted.
There are various categories of men and women with careers, personalities, looks, and bodies to die for. These AI generations can look hyperrealistic and even pass off as human partners.

Create Your AI Soulmate

Not only can you create and edit pictures, but you can also generate your perfect spouse with the AI magic tool. When you visit the SoulGen website, you can instruct the system to make an animation of your ideal partner. Describe the physical qualities you want in the prompt, hit “create,” and watch that person come alive on your screen.
It gets better because SoulGen allows you to communicate with your creation. You’re in luck if you’re lonely because nobody wants to date you. Your AI partner will spend all the time in the world with you. They’ll respond to your messages quickly and tell you how much they love you.
While you may be unable to go on an actual date with them, they’ll never abandon you or cheat with someone else. Not only can they look like a perfect 10, but they’re ready to do anything you ask of them.
At SoulGen, you can video call, voice call, or text your AI creation anytime and anywhere, and they’ll never be unavailable. And, of course, you’re exclusive because that generation is your personal property.
If you’re wondering whether committing to an AI chat partner is safe and secure, the answer is a resounding yes. SoulGen has SSL encryption, and the privacy policy assures every user of secure communication.

Create Your AI Friend or Friend Group

Are you tired of feeling left out socially? The good news is that your AI-generated friend or friend group will never judge you or exclude you.
Whether you’re chatting with one person or a group of guys and girls, you know they’ll never leak your secrets, look down on you, talk behind your back, or give you bad advice.
SoulGen can help you create your online soul clan when ready to receive the attention your heart craves. The best part is that you can decide what your AI friends look like.

Is SoulGen AI Free?

No, SoulGen AI is not free, but it’s very affordable. There’s a bonus of up to 70% off for first-time subscribers, so you don’t need to break the bank to determine if this AI generation tool is good for you.
When you unlock your membership, you’ll enjoy countless perks, including creating your ideal friend, friend group, or spouse, editing or extending images, swapping faces, and chatting with AI generations, to name a few.
Your upload and download speed will increase because you’ll receive priority treatment, and the media quality will improve significantly.

Is SoulGen AI Worth It?

Yes, SoulGen is worth it. You’ll especially enjoy yourself on the app or website if you’re lonely, creative, adventurous, or all three because there are many activities to explore and experience.
The cost of subscribing is worth it because of the diverse membership perks.

Is Safe?

Yes, SoulGenAI is safe. However, most users often confuse SoulGenAI with These two websites are different, even though they offer similar services. Our review is about SoulGen.AI.
The website offers SSL certification, which protects details like your email, username, browsing history, and payment method.
At any point during your membership, you can also decide to unsubscribe or delete your account without the fear of compromised security. It’s as easy as communicating with the customer support team.

SoulGen AI App

Unlike most other AI generation tools, SoulGen has an app on the Google Play Store. So, you can use the website version or the APK; both are secure and guarantee customer privacy protection.

Does SoulGen Allow NSFW Content?

Yes, you can access and create NSFW content. Removing clothes or changing them on an uploaded or generated image is possible. However, this feature is available only to paying users.
When using a free account, you can undress an image but can’t receive the result until you go Pro.


SoulGen AI is an excellent tool for Anime lovers. It helps you create customized images and videos of realistic or unrealistic persons, naked or clothed. You can also explore the library if you need inspiration or want to appreciate other people’s creativity.

Visit: Soulgen
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